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Hello world…!! Introducing Trinhtastic :)


Before I start by my blog journey I have a few important things to bring to the table...


  1. Don’t follow me out of politeness
  2. Don’t follow me thinking that I will follow you back… If I like your content then I will follow you based on that.
  3. I believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY when it comes to followers and people in general… so I want to seek out all the genuine people in the world as you will be the ones that will attract amazing things into our lives and you will be present enough to appreciate it for what it is 🙂


Let me start by telling a bit about myself and the purpose of my blogging 🙂

I am a complicated, simple and unique individual. I am living my life my way but I am not as stubborn as most people that I currently know. I feel I am both coachable and teachable. I want to seek out genuine individuals that are also coachable and teachable and have genuine stories to tell as well as genuine advice and guidance to give especially at the time of need 🙂


In the past couple of months I have demonstrated the ability to fast track most areas of my life but I am still continuously learning and adapting but I am also at a point in my life where I find it effortless to express myself when I am happy or sad.

I can even coach people in expressing themselves in 3 invaluable areas…

  • VOCAL – talking, listening
  • WORD – writing, reading
  • VISUAL – body language – expressing on dance floor 🙂

The good news is that I can coach it 🙂 However I have one pre-requisite (criteria) before going any further and that is you must be: COACHABLE first before you put a SPIN on it (for the meaning of SPIN please either ask me or find the glossary section in trinhtasticventures). The reason why you have to be coachable is because I’m sure we are both busy living our lives and I want to management my time effectively. If you are not coachable in this area simply means you have no problems in expressing yourself as a result we can bounce ideas from each other 🙂


I used to stand for positivity – PMA (positive mental attitude). During my high times I would cut out off the NMA (negative mental attitude) people from my reach 😦 However that approach attracted into my life too many fakers, haters and time wasters. People had countless opportunities to stab me in the back because I only used to see the goodness in them and that happened many times. I got broken down many times and each time that I hit rock bottom I just hibernate from the world and found it very difficult to express myself to anyone aka living dead 😦

I now stand for integrity and doing it the honest way 🙂 Going down this path for me has attracted so many good things and most of all attracted genuine people into my life 🙂 I also started to weed out the people who I no longer felt a connection with and doing it the honest way. I’m not saying my way is better than them or I am better than them I am only saying that at the moment we are not on the same page, chapter, book or whatever you want to describe it as but you get my drift eh? I will never say neveralways forgive but forgetting? NO WAY!! LOL

Negativity and positivity does not even bother me anymore I just see them both as ideas and deal with them in case by case basis and I will decide if I want to buy into the idea or notI have a choice always and the choice is all about me because it’s my life 🙂

I feel comfortable enough to say YES I have an EGO and that ego is driven by “honesty with integrity” 

My life is full of dramas and stories; it is full of colours; I love music and lyrics I find it powerful and amazing. I got a lot to say but at the same same I also have a lot to learn still. I inspire to be a humble individual and doing it the honesty way with integrity.

I want to share my thoughts, feelings, stories and dramas with genuine people who is not too caught up in their own life and that wants to listen to me. I feel I have a gift of inspiring people from all over the world to express themselves better.

GOAL: I want to improve the life of myself to the next level. I want to give myself the chance to express myself in ways I can’t even begin to imagine yet.

I feel I am 50% there so with the generous help of all you genuine people out there and with helping myself I hope I can complete my goal real soon as I have big time ambitions once my goal has been achieved 🙂

That is all I’m going to write for now 🙂

Hope you all have a TRINHTASTIC day (for the meaning of TRINHTASTIC please either ask me or find the glossary section in trinhtasticventures) 🙂

Peace out 🙂

Loads of Love

Michael Trinhtastic 🙂 ^^


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