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TV – Channel T – 06/11/2012 – 05:20 on 07/11/2012


My day started of by waking up at 01:50. I don’t know what happened but my eyes just shot open!! Had a very productive day yesterday and got so many things done 🙂

On the way home from work I was trying to check my whatsapp messages, FB, Instagram and twitter but I think my 3G connection was playing up so I decided to just jot down some of my thoughts for the day… However it so flowed and flowed and just about finished it when I reached my designation LOL.

The thing is that I accept “IT IS WHAT IS” so when things don’t go the way I plan it to and goes a bit pear shaped; about 90% of the time it is indeed a blessing in disguise for reals 🙂 I try and stay at least 51% present to receive any opportunities and blessings hidden within adversity. This is from experience and constant getting it from day to day experiences. This is no inspirational thoughts it is real and it is happening everyday to me and I welcome it with open arms 🙂


Ok those of you that is still interested read on… those of you that have lost the plot… thank you for your time and stay tuned for the next episode as my content it very diverse… LOL


This is what I written on the train from start of journey to destination coming straight from my heart and not thought through:

IMO When u listen or get feedback from others all it really is at the end of the day is information. Forget who is giving u the information because on another level it is irrelevant. You either take the information on board or discard it; either way it’s up to you if u want to express yourself to others.

Action > Talk
Doing > Saying
Expressing > Thinking
Present > Daydreaming

Focus on your number 1 priority and forget about wanting others to know your business as everyone is busy living their life and doing what they have to do.

To be put more blunt they just haven’t got the time for you no matter what your content is and how inspiring they might be when reading it.

Fact – you don’t know exactly what goes on in their mind; the most you can do is feel the energy of what they are projecting to you but even the best actors make you feel a certain energy but they r not apart of it and can easily fool you hence illusionist.

IMO Once u have achieved a significant goal then always celebrate your achievements because you are the best and the best needs to be awarded and feel appreciated and who best to show genuine interest to you? Exactly yourself. Who knows you better than you? Your inner you. Who knows your inner you the most? You. Who is the best to give advice to the you? Your inner you.
The best others can do is relate, encourage and  support you and the rest is up to you. The worst they can do is distract you from your goal and twist you inside out. Just carry on doing what you are doing and avoid seeking approval if things are making sense for you. The more you try and seek approval from others then the more chance they will have to knock you off your stride. Just focus on yourself and do what you have to do to get to where you want to be. If you really know what you want then go and get it. When it’s time to interact with others it will happen. If there is something you need to do then do it first before interacting with others. It all starts from you.


IMO everyone in their own egoistic way wants to do what is best for them. Some may focus on themselves and some may give the attention to others but either way your egoistic way is leading the way and sometimes without u knowing it. My egoistic way is honesty and integrity it has grabbed on to that idea until I decide I don’t want it no more. At this moment in time I am happy with my egoistic way and it is driving me forward with real intent to just do it!! Everything I get into I at least put in 51% being present. All the thoughts, feelings and actions are fuelled with aburning desire to get to where I want to go. It is fuelled with love it is all about me – my goals and dreams, my hopes and desires. When I no longer need this then that is when I will truly be free from attachment. My final attachment I believe is attention from others because as a child although I was always around people I feel I couldn’t express myself and it made me feel alone 😦

I am both coachable and teachable. What I think today or how a roll may not be what I think tomorrow so just a warning to not overestimate or underestimate me. What I am doing now is expressing myself. Some of you guys might understand everything and some may not understand anything and get confused but it doesn’t matter because it is all about me not you. I am responsible for what I say not for what you understand or not understand of it. As long it makes sense to me is all that counts and matters because I am minding my own business if u have a problem with that then it’s your business not mine. Those that can jump will do well to follow me in this expression because the amount of times I have jumped is incredible. Some might think this is all gibberish but that only means you don’t know a thing about me. You don’t know how I use my words to express and you just don’t have a clue about me. That in itself is not a problem because it means one of 2 things…


1) follow me genuinely in a bid to know me better or

2) don’t follow discard everything I say and go back to the way you are.


Either way good luck on your own journey either with or without my help and guidance. I also like to take a moment here to show all those that are encouraging and supporting me to this point and may it continue because the truth is I really don’t know where I would be right now of it wasn’t for you people so just like to say you people are the best ever 😊


Can you believe that came straight out of my heart? I was just typing away on my iphone4 all the way home and amazing that I was able to finish just as the train pulled into my station LOL.

But no way was I going to type everything up on here so I decided to email my self a copy and do a copy and paste job LOL.

There are many more I can write and express but just like to end it with this last statement for now…

I have just started my blogging journey and at the moment not too fussed in who is following and who isn’t I am just concentrating on writing my material and being able to express my thoughts, feelings and action to my target audience which are the genuine people that is interested in reading my content 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely day

Loads of Love and encouragement


PS – I slept even earlier last night – I think around 9pm or even earlier didn’t check… My phone must had gone off like mad as got loads of messages and a few miss calls. The strange thing was that my eyes shot open around 2:45am today and I got a whatsapp message at 2:46am… talk about freaky LOL. Well I had to be there for someone on whatsapp and stayed listening until 3:37am!!

After I was like fully awake since then… Jeez the time is now 5:18… Need to get up shower soon and today I will have something to eat before I head out as I was marvin for reals yesterday >.<



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