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TV – Channel T – 07/11/2012 – 07:17 on 07/11/2012


Continuing on from yesterday… I stayed awake all the way around the clock until 21:30… because before I KO-ed bare stuff happened yesterday… don’t even know where to begin…

Ok let me just dive straight in… I did so much listening yesterday so much more than before. The information I received back with amazing and overwhelming  Everything that was said to me I handled with honesty and integrity. I was so inspired yesterday but also at other times I had to deal with conflict using my integrity and not back down for the hell of it.

I now realise I am like a baby in a certain field of my life. What I mean is I don’t hardly know anything about that subject… I am at the stage where I am hearing things around me and I am trying to make sense of it all. I really wanted to know the inner workings of beats and rhythm. @SeverusSin has proper inspired me… he has given me something to chew on… and I will factor in some time for me to explore this from the very bottom. Let me share with everyone my understanding of beats and rhythm at this moment in time. Ok all beats are in tune meaning that it is constant and there is no change in pace. I.e. beat 1, beat 2, beat 3, beat 4… 1,2,3,4…. 1-2 happens at the same interval of 2-3 and the same interval of 3-4. I hope you get my drift. But moving on I got inspired to a point that rhythm is happening all the time and everywhere around us. The second’s hand on a clock is all about rhythm. Each second that goes past is at the same interval of the next second… Physical time does not speed up or slow down… Sometimes it seems that time is going more faster or slower and I feel I can answer that… The amount of action/doing you can pack into a second determines whether time in general is going faster or slower for you. The minute hand is all about rhythm and you can even say the same thing about the hour hand on a clock.

Recently when I have conversations with people or when I am trying to express myself and express my concepts I feel time goes so slow and very much to my advantage as it means I have more time to do things and sometimes it feels like I have an abundance of time 🙂 I now realise the reason for this and I feel very blessed for realising and now being able to share it with the world 🙂

When some other people talk to me or communicate across their ideas or concepts to me… time just flys… I wouldn’t call it a good thing or bad thing as it all depends. I would say it is a good thing if you want to kill time but a bad thing if you classify time being a measurement for money and value. Others may not be inspired enough to utilise their time yet. When you are awaken you will automatically utilise your time and you will feel that you have abundance of time to do what you have to do in a day and still get time to sleep, work and spend time with loved ones and friends if you choose or even go to a bar or coffee shop and chill there but you should get my drift.

To be honest before writing this blog entry there were other things I wanted to share but when I started I was just drawn to write all this and it is just free flowing from my heart. I am feeling so inspired and so alive after writing this. WOW… I mean I was already feeling blessed before writing this… but after? WOW I feel absolutely amazed to have written what I have written and it strengthens all my values and beliefs.

As I said all this can be coached – However again if you are not coachable then I do not want to waste my time and teach you my concepts on how to make time appear slow ^^

The time is now 07:08am… Started writing this blog around 06:50… I will need to wrap it up as need to leave this place real soon.

Ok lastly when listening to others you need to understand that everyone has their own ways of doing things. Everyone has their own opinions of things. When people give their opinions they are expressing themselves. If you stop people expressing themselves then you will be classified as being rude not them. You may have your way of doing things but others have their ways too. If others say something different to the way you would do it by already stating that either in a form of (“In my opinion”(IMO), “I think”) then you have no right to rubbish people’s opinions as it’s their life not yours. They live it the way they want and you live your life the way you want. If you judge people on their opinions you are minding their business so don’t be surprised if they attack you. You will be stunned because your business is open you are not minding your own business and also means what you truly stand for is very questionable. This is not directed at anyone in particular it is just me expressing myself to the world 🙂

I wish you fine people a trinhtastic day and alway strife to be a better person. Do a good deed or just learn to be or accept the fact that there is more than one way to get there 🙂



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