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TV – Channel T – 08/11/2012 – The last day in the office before my journey to Nice – South of France


Wow today has been an amazing day so far. I was able to direct my energy to where it was needed and required. I had so much time today and proper utilised it to the T lol.

I don’t think a single person had any issues with me way today. I had so much praise from all parties and the girls were being extra nice today too. They even shared some of their lunch with me… Aww… Bless ^^ I must be doing something right today eh?!! I had many inspiring conversations today… I seem to be able to extract the hidden concepts within a statement and make it my own. I just feel so blessed.
So back to my previous post on “slowing / speeding up” time in a concept that the world can understand and society can accept…
Ok at work – the reason why time can feel so slow is either one of two things that I can think of at the moment
Slowing down time
  1. You are bored and got nothing else to occupy the time so you are constantly aware that you are bored so every passing minute you actually feel and live in the borden. It is the same as waiting for your favourite show to come on tv it may be only in a couple of minutes but because you are so present you can literally feel every second of every minute go by so your perception of time changes with every second as there are more things that you realise you can pack into that short amount of time.
  2. You are that focused on the task at hand. You are at least 88% present so you will proper utilise the time to accomplish the task at hand. You will end up getting to a place where you either need more input by another party or actually complete the task and when you look at the time it will seem slow because you have managed your time very effectively – I believe I am very very close to achieving this. Added today with all my energy directed in the right places I just feel very utilised and got so much more energy left. I am still bursting with energy when I writing this ^^
There were no conflicts / affective confrontations or anything that needed to be sorted out. No one gave me any grief today and it was a full office. I just allowed the world to just be and not interrupt with anyone’s thinking unless they specifically asked me to and the response was very powerful and appreciating. I felt I was valued today and I added value to everything and everyone I touched in my life today. It just felt like one word “TRINHTASTIC”
Speeding up time
  1. When we sleep and the alarm clock goes off and we put it on snooze at that moment we are just being… We are very relaxed and just letting the seconds tick by without paying any particular attention to it and that will be the point where time seems to just fly. When you are not aware of the time and you are not present the time will just fly. Another example is that you can spend hours just daydreaming and trust time will fly when you start daydreaming and before you know it hours would have passed without you even noticing it. You could be feeling tired and then daydream and then KO (knock out). Guaranteed you will not have an once of the awareness of time so you are not present in the now therefore time will fly and if you are on the train you will miss your stop >.<
  2. When u r having fun time seems to fly that is again you are not focusing on the time you are focusing on having fun so the more fun you have the longer the time ticks by because when you are having fun there is never enough time if you don’t set your expectation levels on the fun that you will have and when to call it a day.
Going back to rhythm… wow, wow and WOW is all I can say. When I listen to tunes now and they have rhythm and beats I can proper gauge into them and start to move with it developing a effortless move with the rhythm and beat. I knew this all subconsciously but now it is becoming more and more conscious day by day. I will be flying off to Nice in France tomorrow early morning and feel very excited. I welcome all experiences out there and will share the most fun and inspiring bits when I get back to UK London. In the meantime hope you all wrap and warm and just be. Remember if you are not in control of your life then some one else is taking over the control of your life. I also would like to take a minute here to let the world know that all content in my blog is coming straight out of my heart so I am exempt of any copyright or any laws. This is all of my own opinion. I have done it the Trinhtastic way with all information I have received from all sources I ever come in contact with mean I have absorbed the stuff that is useful, discarded what doesn’t work for me and everything else made it my own. All content in my blog I made it my own and got experiences to back it all up. Remember using 1 idea and concept is called “theft” and using multiple ideas and concepts is called “research”  😊

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