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TV – Channel T – My journey just before going to Nice – South of France 09th Nov 2012


I was blessed to meet some really cool, down to earth people last night and yes there are plenty of genuine people in this world you just need to believe you will meet them and they will meet you. Like energy attracts and converges we can I say? lol
Ok today is the morning I will leave the UK since my holiday in Cyprus 10,000 years ago!! The morning was not what I expected at all rather surprising in a bad kind of way and very adversed. I know things happen for a reason because I made it so what blessing in disguise is this? To be even more aware in absolutely everything? Only time will tell I will just live that experience!!

Ok at East Croydon station I got the train to Gatwick airport. I touched into East Croydon with my Oyster card (previous night topped up £6 on top of a weekly oyster card zone 1-4) I got to gatwick and tried touching out with my oyster card but the light remained red – seek assistance. The person manning the barrier looked sad and just didn’t care or show any empathy probably because she knows what is going to happen next. I explained my situation to the ticket inspector and as I didn’t have an valid ticket I got charged a fine of £20 WTF!! IT IS WHAT IT IS and I will probably get charged a fee for my oyster because I still haven’t been able to touch out!! London transport you are so *bleeping* confusing!! Looks like I will need to appeal this when I get back to London from Nice!! Where is the justice? I can understand when someone is trying it… But someone going through wearing a suit and trying it? Get *bleeping* real!!
Again IT IS WHAT IT IS I suppose and I do shed some blame but not to warrant £20. They bloody think I am made of money or something!! Day light robbery I tell ya!!

Ok next went to departures section to go through the barrier and for them to check my hand luggage. Lonnnnnng ting queues was long and there was not a happy face from the staff it was just pathetic customer service and will question if I ever travel from gatwick south terminal again!! even at departure gate was issues too but just cba to say no more to the experience so all in all it’s one to move on from. I forgive but will never forget so watch this space!!
Ok on the plane now ready to take off!! Time is now 07:36 should had taken off 16 minutes ago!! Excuse/reason the airline company needs to check paper work!! I bet you someone had not boarded and they are just waiting for them; I’m not even surprised anymore as now I am expecting the unexpected!!

Everyone is on a journey;  there will be times when we cross paths at a destination and it will be all about how I handle the situation. 2 weeks ago I would had been f-ing this and f-ing that and cause major scenes and dramas but not anymore I have really found inner peace I honestly believe that honesty and integrity is working for me and I am able to accept reality – IT IS WHAT IT IS a lot sooner than ever before.
Ending my blog on a positive note… I will expect the unexpected and yeh things can only get better 😃  Let’s see what Nice has in store for me. I feel Nice is going to be like a world apart from London!! Bring on Nice 😃


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