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TV – Channel T – 16/11/2012 – A reflection on my experience in Nice – South of France


My new found Norwegians friends.

My new found Norwegians friends.

Dearest my blog followers and guest,

Wow what can I say about this week in the life of Michael Trinhtastic?? let me start by saying I had an unbelievable experience in Nice, south of France πŸ˜„

To some it up I was partying with almost 2000 ppl from 21 different countries and it was so surreal. We proper had a blast of a time and I got to know some AA ppl (Awesome and Amazing) ^^

I also learned more about myself and what was holding me back at really going all out there – all guns blazing πŸ˜„
I was just able to just “be” and the crowd there was so encouraging and proper helped me to start my journey πŸ˜„
They wasn’t polite and rude instead they were direct, blunt and kind hearted such good quality in a human.

It was such a contrast departing from Nice compared to departing from London and the whole experience from Nice to London was so warm and welcoming unlike vice-versa. From this moment onwards I will concentrate and direct my energy on the things I want and the things I want to be apart of. If things don’t go the way I want then so what? It is what it is… I will not entertain the things that didn’t go the way I want I will not give it energy… This too, shall pass. Instead I will act on the NOW and focus on the solution and focus the feeling of completeness and focus on the finer steps needed before taking massive action.

My week was all about learning new ways to welcome fun and excitement back into my life and inspiring others to do the same ☺
For the first week in god knows how long I was 100% able to be myself and everyone just allowed me to just be. I feel super super super blessed, I feel super super super excited, I feel the internal peace and love that is gathering momentum inside of me. I am both coachable and teachable.

In order to be the best I can be I need to approach things with an open mind. When others try to get to me, either down right rudeness or winding me up I am starting to learn not to react and know that they are only expressing themselves and it is not about me any longer so I will just let them be and if need be let then dig there own grave!!

I feel it’s very important to be 100% present in all you do (someone inspired me out in Nice) and also being 100% aware of your surroundings and on the things you are doing and why you are doing it. You need to keep all grounds covered and if need be you need to be the 1st some to fire your bullets haha

I was going through the ticket barrier at charing x just strolling and being present when all of a sudden a hot flustered woman went at it fast paced to the ticket barrier and got stuck. Her travel oyster card would not work and she was panicking. She was not present and didn’t seek a solution. The solution came to her but she was still annoyed to acknowledge it and I just saw the whole thing unravel itself. All she had to do was to take a step back and the world was her oyster but she didn’t!! I didn’t waste my energy observing I just strolled on past the picky barrier after bleeping in with my oyster card πŸ˜‰

I feel I have inspired a lot of people this week to welcome fun back into their lives and not to be afraid of being themselves. I got abundance of excitement energy but will not take it for granted hehe I will direct that energy at the place to get me to where I want to be. It’s one step at a time but it’s going to be at my own pace. Those that know me will know what my pace is and those that don’t will need to watch this space. That’s if I haven’t bored them to sleep already!! lol


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  1. Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website so i came to β€œreturn the favor”.
    I’m attempting to find things to enhance my website!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

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