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TV – Channel T – 26/11/2012


Wow what can I say about this morning. Before I go on about it I should really let you guys in on what happened to me last night.

When I lack energy I get pulled into a strong vibration so strong that it semi puts me in a coma. Last night was so similar but it wasn’t an vibration it was millions of thoughts just hitting me at once!! It was so over whelming!! But I just accepted for what it was and just had an amazing experience!!

I literally tried to listen to each and every thought but soon enough it got way too much for me as it was literally hitting me all once!! I eventually tried to react back – I can feel every bit of my efforts trying to voice out – “There is nothing here but egos manifested in the form of thoughts and I don’t care and suddenly there was a calmness and I was amazed to find I was suddenly in a dream!! Maybe a coma because I knew I was dreaming and the aim of the dream was to wake up!! I was trying to ask those around me of how to wake up. Some ignored me and some led me around in circles!! I can distinctly remember that I almost gave up hope that I was never going to wake up and almost accepted the fact that I was stuck in this dream and got no way of getting out of it!! Finally someone says to me they know the way out and I should just follow them… I just had to listen I had no other choice I felt so alone and just needed to get out!! So before they led me to the place to wake up I suddenly found myself free of boundary, free of bull and chains, free of thought, free of feeling, literally free of form and then I realised that I was about to wake myself up and shortly after I literally did wake up and I had tears of joy and freedom in my eyes!! Wow what a experience!!
I come to realise that I am a self taught life coach ๐Ÿ™‚ No matter what happens I know I will be ok from society from the cynical world I was born into. I am demonstrating it day in day out. At the start people thought I was crazy!! I now laugh and LOL because I really don’t care. If being crazy will get me to live the way I want and be free from society chains then I think I don’t mind to be labelled that ๐Ÿ™‚

Watch this space because amazing things will start to happen to me and those that trust and believe in me 100%

I’m going to be the best I can be for myself, my love ones and genuine people. I will become a responder to inspire others to express themselves fully and express to me what they want in their life and what is holding them back. I challenge the majority of this world to just wake up and smell the coffee beans on the table. If not wake up now then when? Why seek external happiness? That is going to be temporary happiness and it will not last past the world of form.

Everyone since the day they were born already has everything!! One day if not in your life time you will eventually come to realise – Awareness “is”

This life is a gift and “now” is the present – the present is the current moment where you can only take “action” right in the “now”. Now is not in the past but it could in the future given that you have set a date because that date will one day be “now”
When will you start to live your life living and more importantly when will you start to live your life giving? Amazing things will happen. Some have reached the stage that rebooting no longer works anymore as they are so attached to the world ย of form aka ego. They will need to be formatted. Those that are able to drop their pride and genuinely step down are the ones that will make life to be whatever they want it to be. They will be the ones that has no boundary and will continue pushing things to the limit until records are broken ๐Ÿ™‚


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