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TV – Channel T – 28/11/2012


I had a dream last night based on trusting others. It was sending out a message for me to trust no one but my true self not my ego but the thing behind my ego and that is to welcome awareness “is”

It was like I was staring in my own ego movie and I am the main character I was playing the role as the victim. People that had bad intensions for me in the past resurfaced i my dream and took another stab at trying to knock me down. There was another setup – setting up for someone to steal from me again 😦 This time in my dream I confronted the thief and the strange thing was that this time I was not threatened with a weapon instead they blatantly denied it. Wearing and taking my possession and saying it belongs to them 😦 I was so distraught that I was asking everyone for help and the people around me was so blind to see what was going on. The thieves acted like they know me and saying I am making things up and the people around me just believed them 😦 WTF!! They even saw me with my rayban shades on and they still can’t defend the fact that the shades belong to me. It felt like the whole world was against me 😦

What was the purpose of my dream? I think it was observing my reality and replaying back to me in my dream in a way that I have to realise that in life you don’t trust anyone but true self 100% Sure you can believe in someone but placing 100% trust in them is a very dangerous game that a person can play.
I don’t even trust my ego 100% no matter if it’s for good or bad intensions. I come to realise that I am not my ego. I am what is observing my ego. I control my ego πŸ˜‰
I come to realise that my world of form is my playground and I am having a lot of fun,Β freedom and fulfilment mixed with excitement. I emit the energy of love πŸ™‚ I am genuinely interested in people. I understand that there are so many people in this world that I can’t even comprehend however I will seek out and be free for other people to seek out the genuine people of this world.

The people that realises that they have been brain washed from society the moment they began to develop their senses will play a very important part. We was all born into a world of form. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Before being able to witness the welcoming of making the conscious shift we all have to acknowledge that IT IS WHAT IT IS. If you do not realise what is the true meaning of ego and who you really are then you are not yet ready.

But remember there is more than one way to get there so please don’t take what I say as gospel go and do your own research!! Do you know what the deference is between smart and clever? What about the difference between intelligent and wise? So are you a smart person in this context or a clever person? Are you going to be Intelligent or wise in this context? Well you could be neither the choice is up to you. It is your life so live it the way you want. If things go well for you then good on you πŸ™‚ but before you can even do anything about it you need to realise that you are the cause of your unhappiness and only you can set yourself free. Other’s can be there for you and support you (showing you the door) but only you are able to see and door and once you see the door then it is your choice whether you want to walk through that door or not. Either way whether you do or not you can not place any blame on anyone because it is your choice so please take your time and see what works for you πŸ™‚ Patience used effectively is most definitely a virtue in my eyes πŸ™‚


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