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TV – Channel T – 29/11/2012


My alarm clock went off at 06:30 today!! I was so knackered I really didn’t wanna get up… all of a sudden I remembered that I did not have work today šŸ˜› The feeling of turning off the snooze button permanently and going back to bed is one of the best feelings in the world šŸ™‚

Now I understand exactly what Robin Campbell was expressing when he said that at a self development training session recently but he went 1 step further!! He put pressed the snooze button and the alarm went off again in the next 5 minutes and he kept repeating it for about 10 times or so LOL. Even Kim Ha Campbell started to get annoyed!! But the thing is they can do it everyday of their life from now on (day in day out if they wished to do so). They can sleep when they want, wake up when they want and do what they please (providing it is within the law).

I only can have a tiny glimpse on what they are feeling because although I can wake up when I want it will only be for today šŸ˜¦ tomorrow will be back to getting out of bed about 7am the absolutely latest!! >.< I love my job don’t it twisted however I would rather chill on beaches of the world with the people that are closet and dearest to me and the lovely people that has come into my life recently šŸ™‚

Ok the time is now 10:40am and I have many things to sort out today. The list can be over whelming for some people but I will plow through it with ease and might pick up some surprises along the way I just welcome the experience. In the past I would feel I have to get everything out of the way right now. Now I have come to realise it’s all about prioritisation šŸ™‚ IT IS WHAT IT IS – no point stressing about it. If something happens and there is a reaction coming from me as a result and I don’t like it, it would only mean that I have allowed myself to be attached by it. I will then need to remember to take a step back and look at the attachment again and do what I can to detach myself from it.

Many people may read my blog and get thrown from pillar to post and struggle to understand it. It is because they do not release when I am jumping from topic to topic and their minds just can’t keep up. If you are one of them peoples I would strongly recommend you to stop reading my blogs as I don’t think it is for you at this moment in time. My blog might be interesting to read for some people but very bland for others. It really does not matter as I am only expressing myself in the form of words šŸ™‚

I say to myself… What would I do with my time if money no longer mattered to me? When I have officially retired from my 9-5 job therefore giving me back my 40 hours a week again šŸ™‚ What would I do with my time? šŸ™‚ As I write this I am noticing a big phat smile on my face because I feel the excitement and energy within šŸ™‚ I will be doing the things that interest me the most like traveling to difference places of the world learning about different cultures and tasting different types of food and trying out loads of different types of activities but most i am very interested in meeting people from all walks of life as putting everything to the side I am genuinely interested in people this is something that can not be faked!! However most importantly I would like to retired my parents so they can can detached from wanting more money as in the past money was a big big thing and led to many arguments and many misunderstandings šŸ˜¦

I come to realise that I am a self taught life coach and my journey begins now to give myself and others a new way to life our lives. We will have fun, freedom and fulfilment it will be double A (Awesome and Amazing) and will get us passionate and SE (super excited) about living our life our way šŸ™‚

Watch this space… I will switch to Channel V real soon šŸ™‚

Hope all my readers reading my blog to have a blessed day and just be šŸ™‚ ^^







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