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TV – Channel T – 02/12/12012


Hello readers 🙂

1 x sleep until my 32 birthday 🙂 However I feel a birthday is just another day out of the 365 days. However I have also come to realise that it is the day that all your friends and family should prioritise you over them for just that one day and make you feel special. However so far I can not relate to this yet. I guess there are conditions in the sense that you need to arrange your birthday way in advance and just keep on confirming with the people you want to come to your event. If you text them a week or so before your birthday and expect them to drop everything just to celebrate your birthday then you are deluded haha. Yes I was once deluded like that but now I know better 🙂 IT IS WHAT IT IS – I wonder if I will end up going to eat some “dim sum” or not today… hmmmmm… either way I doesn’t matter 🙂 Either way ignoring my TEXT is damn right rudeness or not even getting back to me about this!! Oh wells IT IS WHAT IT IS. I am trying to detached myself from this and not make it personal >.<

It’s a shame that on my actual birthday I start my “on call” shift week which means I start work in the office at 2pm finish at 10pm then “on call” until 8am all week, then “on call” all weekend until 8am Monday morning and start work at 09:00 the same day!! Mad innit!! There must be another way >.< but IT IS WHAT IT IS. If you think that is bad then the week after  next I am back doing another “on call” week >.< So 2 in 3 weeks WTF… I should be getting 5 X rate!! A proper inconvenience of my time 😦 Oh wells IT IS WHAT IT IS and again trying to detached myself from this and not make it personal >.<

Hope you fine people stayed present enough to remember your saturday evening ^^ My evening was amazing I drank quite a bit and usually my head would start spinning especially when I was buzzing around the place hehe ^^

It was my work’s xmas doo yesterday evening – all in all to my knowledge we all had a fab time, fab indivuals mixed with delicious foods = fun and exciting times 🙂

I used to stand for HONESTY and INTEGRITY; it then moved to WORLD PEACE and then went back to HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Now it has transcended/shifted to AWARENESS because to simply put it…. AWARENESS “IS” ^^

I don’t know how and I don’t know when… but my consciousness has shifted 🙂 and I will see you when you get there, see you when you get there, if you ever get there… in this life time 🙂

Avoid being afraid to ask questions; yes I can ask many questions… some do, some don’t, so what? Those that do are usually the ones that has more to share. They are the ones that are more intelligent or/& wise 🙂

Since I have DETACHED  myself from HONESTY and INTEGRITY it doesn’t mean there isn’t HONESTY and INTEGRITY in me; it just means that if others are not HONEST and they do not have INTEGRITY then I am cool with it IT IS WHAT IT IS. I am free and they are free to be without making it personal 🙂

  • I have abundance of happiness in me
  • I have a little sadness in me
  • I have some frustration in me
  • I have abundance of fun in me
  • I have freedom in me
  • I have fulfilment in me
  • I have integrity in me
  • I have abundance of excitement in me
  • I have abundance of energy in me including love

All in all I feel super super super blessed ^^

What do you have in you?

Have a blessed day ^^




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