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TV – Channel T – 02/12/2012 PM


I feel I am in a catch 22 situation at the moment. I have just decided how I will play this one out… I will do things differently and just not react to it at all. There are many people out there that are so blind to the fact that they got this mental rule stuck on their forehand to suggest that everything abnormal is taken as either weird or genius!! They just can not adopt the… IT IS WHAT IT IS… approach >.< Oh wells never mind eh… IT IS WHAT IT IS at the end of the day and I have no issues with it what so ever and not going to waste an ounce of energy on that event to put fuel to fire and give it energy – oh no I don’t think so LOL.

I have looked at the FACT and can see a pattern arise… I have come to realise that people who are so attached to the world of form will have a shocker especially when they can see and feel their body ageing and other people’s life style changing around them very rapidly and they wonder why you are standing still. They love to put others down and show no respect what so ever because they think they are better and more superior i everyday possible but that still is ok. It doesn’t matter how a person treats me as I do not need to go down to their level and treat them the way they treat me. Instead I will just be πŸ™‚ If someone hates on you and you hate back then I’m sorry to say that you have just scored an own goal in injury time and as a result have literally lost the game single handedly. The hater promoted the hate and you just had a piece of it. Two people hating on each other and proper expressing their opinions will lead to madness!! I’m sure we have all been there, done it, signed it and we even got our own t-shirt company just to prove it LOL.

Only recently have I become more aware and instead of reacting to things I am just deciding if there is even a need to respond at all. The less I react the better in the context when the other is attacking me. Instead I will save up my bullets and as I am only human if I decide enough is enough watch how much bullets I have connected as it will be enough ammo to fire from a AK47 πŸ˜›

People that attack on others are the ones that’s very insecure, they are either jealous of you or they feel threatened by you in some way shape or form. Either way you just need to remember that it is their problem not yours. If you react to them you are making their problems your problem now and that you literally throwing their problem at you to deal with. Let them dig their own grave… you do not need to be apart of it. Shift your attention to an area that is worthy of your attention and that will make you super super super excited!!

I feel a charge of energy after writing the last paragraph so I will just be and experience whatever life throws at me. I love my life and feel blessed that my life loves me too and just letting me just be πŸ™‚ IT IS WHAT IT IS… awareness “IS”

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ again if you can’t relate or understand this blog then clearly we are miles a parts which is fine… one step at a time πŸ™‚





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