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TV – Channel T – 17/12/2012 – Lucid Dream


I can remember how I got into the lucid dream state in this instance.

My initial dream involved my mum and sister. I was annoyed with what my mum had done in my dream and I voiced my concern to my sister and instead of my sister backing me she actually backed my mum. As soon my sister started to blast me vocally for what I said my mind just went into fast forwarded mode trying to get past the moment (like in the Adam Sandler movie – Click in 2006). It was extremely uncomfortable and unsettling feeling of un-sureness. Fast forwarding did not help at all so my mind started to fast rewind it was complete madness and at one point I thought that my mind was going to explode!!

During that point I knew I was dreaming and was no longer afraid of what was going on so I just observing instead of reacting to my thoughts. I realised how I reacted to my sister in the sense that actually what came out of my mouth in the form of words was so powerful that it fucked with my believe system. I got so bad that I just wanted to undo what I said to my sister but it was too late and suddenly I did not understand what was going on in my head nothing made sense anymore and my head was spinning lighting fast. During that time I realised that I was in a vortex but this time instead of reacting to the event or thought I just watched it all the way. During the vortex I elevated up near the ceiling and with the help of G-force I rapid dropped and at this point I was about to smash through the floor so instead of reacting to it I just let it be and the whole process just went on and on and on I was just smashing through floor after floor. Then sudden I arrived at a house. I was now in a position to choose if I wanted to react and take control because at the same time I knew I was dreaming. Wow it felt awesome and amazing. I entered a room and there were a few white ladies in there and I thought that they were going to kick me out for trespassing but instead they welcomed me in like they already know me and that I belong there it was a very warm feeling indeed. I started to find out who they were and what was going on. Some of the woman laughed but then another lady came from another section of the room and said to me – wow why r u dressed like that? Do u think you can get away with it just because you are IMD (INTERNATIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR)? Then suddenly she went up to me and acknowledged me and said she is going to her daughters wedding and then started to talk to me more but while she was talking she had a curved knife like object but bigger than a knife and started to carve me with it and I was thinking WTF and then all of a sudden I am back in my bed and awaken from my lucid dream.

I was going to get up and write about my experience right away but I couldn’t be bothered and thought if I remember it tomorrow then it will mean that I was “present” enough to have watched it and also took part in it as the leading role so I will be able to write about it. So now I have proved it to myself that I did have a lucid dream that I could remember and share 🙂

Have you had lucid dream before? If so what was your experience in it?


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