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TV – Channel T – 20/12/2012 – One more day until 21/12/2012 – The Truth about 21/12/2012


I’m feeling very alive at this very moment.
What will happen will happen I will deal with it right then and there. If I am up against anyone obstacle in my way I will crush through it like it wasn’t even there to begin with.

I have never been more prepared and ready for whatever may come as I am truly embracing the “present moment” If my mind becomes cluttered with thoughts and reactions to other peoples actions I will do everything in my power to diffuse the situation and be at peace with the “present moment”.

I faced a very challenging day today at work and have came out of it on top of the world J
I had to justify my actions. By embracing the “present moment” and accepting it for what it is gave me the solution. I feel I ended up diffusing the situation but I will find out the truth of the matter tomorrow as the matter is now out of my hands.

I randomly goggled 21st Dec 2012 and it lead me to this YouTube clip:
This was upload 10months ago.
I was about to give my feedback on the above clip but then I stumbled on this YouTube clip:

The author wants everyone to take action and spread this so I am doing my part 🙂 Those that can’t see the YouTube video at this moment in time can at least hear and feel the words, see below:


“Greetings citizens of the world, together we are Anonymous. There has been a rumor being spread around for years. This rumor has made a select few millions, even billions of dollars while they spread fear, trick people into buying things they don’t need, and misrepresent an entire culture. This is the rumor that the Mayans predicted the end of the world would take place on December 21st, 2012.

In reality, the Mayans did make a prediction for the end of their calendar, they predicted the start of a new era, when a new calendar would take the old ones place, an era of knowledge, peace, and love. The media has twisted the true Mayan predictions into one of death, destruction, and devastation simply because it makes a good story, they spread this rumor partly for ratings, they spread it partly for money, and they spread it ultimately for power.

It’s impossible to honestly say the world won’t end 12/21/2012, however the world is just as likely to end today as it is on the 21st. With that being said, it is possible to honestly say the real Mayan predictions could be right, but only if you want them to be. As this message is being heard around the world there is an operation going on called Project Mayhem 2012, it aims to create the very thing the Mayans Predicted would happen on December 21st, 2012. It aims to expose corruption; to give humanity the knowledge needed to secure peace and love for many generations to come.

Project Mayhem 2012 relies on you to be successful. You’re the past, present, and future of humanity, and only humanity as a whole can secure true peace, that means all of us, no matter what race, age, gender, religion, or sexuality. We are all humans; the time has come for us to unite. To understand; that we are all brothers and sisters living on a tiny blue planet in a vast ocean of wonders. The choice is yours to make, you can let humanity continue to suffer, or you can see the truth. You can realize war, greed, and corruptions are no way for a species to survive; they are not the ideas of the future for humanity.

Brothers and sisters of humanity, this is your chance to give peace a chance. Together we can make a difference, never let anyone tell you otherwise. One day you’re going to look back and reflect on the choices you made, what would you like to tell your grandchildren? That you sat by while the world burned? Or would you like to tell them that all of humanity, stood together in both our darkest and brightest hours, as a united force for peace, knowledge, and progress.

Choose carefully and wisely, humanities future relies on your answer. If your answer is yes, that you want to see peace, then you need to make your voice heard. Don’t sit around and wait for peace to occur, because it won’t unless we’re all actively taking part in the pursuit of it. If you agree with this message, like it, share it, re-upload it and spread it around everywhere you can. Make it viral, or make other content spreading this idea and make those viral. Above all else, please believe in yourself and not in a group, person, or even an idea, because believing in an idea is pointless unless you believe in yourself first.

Together we are Humanity, We are Anonymous, We are Legion, and Zero unites us as One, Divided. We can and should Forgive, while we Never Forget, Expect yourself, then expect us…”


So what do you think of all this? Do you even care?

I for one am just getting on with it; be it the end of the world or not I will journey on.
The only thing guaranteed in life is birth, taxes and death. The rest is up to us. There is more than one way to get there. I live my life with passion and embrace the “present moment. Best of luck to you and me on our journey 🙂


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  1. Ali permalink

    We are,spost have a zombie apolix

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