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TV – Channel T – 23/12/2012PM – Woooohoooo the human race did not get wiped out by 23:59 on 21th Dec 2012 – Happy New Year my fellow beings ☺


Ok for those that have survived it past 21/12/2012 well done give yourself a pat on your back (me included) hehe…

It was in fact the end of the Mayan calendar but like most things; the fact gets twisted and results in either putting fear into people or making someone rich – Believe it or not but there are loads out there that have profited from the theory that the majority of the human race were going to get wiped out by 23:59 on 21/12/2012. Those that were gullible enough were in fact responsible for making them rich and making their fear theories circle our world.

But like all the deception and lies in our world – it will one day be revealed and the current one was revealed on the 21/12/2012 🙂 It does not stop there, as no doubt they will try again and again to put fear in people and also try to profit as a result. However those that were once gullible now have a choice whether they want to buy into the BS again or not.


Please go to to see the rest of this blog. Thanks much much and enjoy 🙂

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