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Avoid getting caught up in your life situation as there will always be another time for that so embrace the \"present moment\" and it shall set you free :)

TV – Channel T – 02/12/12012

Hello readers 🙂

1 x sleep until my 32 birthday 🙂 However I feel a birthday is just another day out of the 365 days. However I have also come to realise that it is the day that all your friends and family should prioritise you over them for just that one day and make you feel special. However so far I can not relate to this yet. I guess there are conditions in the sense that you need to arrange your birthday way in advance and just keep on confirming with the people you want to come to your event. If you text them a week or so before your birthday and expect them to drop everything just to celebrate your birthday then you are deluded haha. Yes I was once deluded like that but now I know better 🙂 IT IS WHAT IT IS – I wonder if I will end up going to eat some “dim sum” or not today… hmmmmm… either way I doesn’t matter 🙂 Either way ignoring my TEXT is damn right rudeness or not even getting back to me about this!! Oh wells IT IS WHAT IT IS. I am trying to detached myself from this and not make it personal >.<

It’s a shame that on my actual birthday I start my “on call” shift week which means I start work in the office at 2pm finish at 10pm then “on call” until 8am all week, then “on call” all weekend until 8am Monday morning and start work at 09:00 the same day!! Mad innit!! There must be another way >.< but IT IS WHAT IT IS. If you think that is bad then the week after  next I am back doing another “on call” week >.< So 2 in 3 weeks WTF… I should be getting 5 X rate!! A proper inconvenience of my time 😦 Oh wells IT IS WHAT IT IS and again trying to detached myself from this and not make it personal >.<

Hope you fine people stayed present enough to remember your saturday evening ^^ My evening was amazing I drank quite a bit and usually my head would start spinning especially when I was buzzing around the place hehe ^^

It was my work’s xmas doo yesterday evening – all in all to my knowledge we all had a fab time, fab indivuals mixed with delicious foods = fun and exciting times 🙂

I used to stand for HONESTY and INTEGRITY; it then moved to WORLD PEACE and then went back to HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Now it has transcended/shifted to AWARENESS because to simply put it…. AWARENESS “IS” ^^

I don’t know how and I don’t know when… but my consciousness has shifted 🙂 and I will see you when you get there, see you when you get there, if you ever get there… in this life time 🙂

Avoid being afraid to ask questions; yes I can ask many questions… some do, some don’t, so what? Those that do are usually the ones that has more to share. They are the ones that are more intelligent or/& wise 🙂

Since I have DETACHED  myself from HONESTY and INTEGRITY it doesn’t mean there isn’t HONESTY and INTEGRITY in me; it just means that if others are not HONEST and they do not have INTEGRITY then I am cool with it IT IS WHAT IT IS. I am free and they are free to be without making it personal 🙂

  • I have abundance of happiness in me
  • I have a little sadness in me
  • I have some frustration in me
  • I have abundance of fun in me
  • I have freedom in me
  • I have fulfilment in me
  • I have integrity in me
  • I have abundance of excitement in me
  • I have abundance of energy in me including love

All in all I feel super super super blessed ^^

What do you have in you?

Have a blessed day ^^




TV – Channel T – 29/11/2012

My alarm clock went off at 06:30 today!! I was so knackered I really didn’t wanna get up… all of a sudden I remembered that I did not have work today 😛 The feeling of turning off the snooze button permanently and going back to bed is one of the best feelings in the world 🙂

Now I understand exactly what Robin Campbell was expressing when he said that at a self development training session recently but he went 1 step further!! He put pressed the snooze button and the alarm went off again in the next 5 minutes and he kept repeating it for about 10 times or so LOL. Even Kim Ha Campbell started to get annoyed!! But the thing is they can do it everyday of their life from now on (day in day out if they wished to do so). They can sleep when they want, wake up when they want and do what they please (providing it is within the law).

I only can have a tiny glimpse on what they are feeling because although I can wake up when I want it will only be for today 😦 tomorrow will be back to getting out of bed about 7am the absolutely latest!! >.< I love my job don’t it twisted however I would rather chill on beaches of the world with the people that are closet and dearest to me and the lovely people that has come into my life recently 🙂

Ok the time is now 10:40am and I have many things to sort out today. The list can be over whelming for some people but I will plow through it with ease and might pick up some surprises along the way I just welcome the experience. In the past I would feel I have to get everything out of the way right now. Now I have come to realise it’s all about prioritisation 🙂 IT IS WHAT IT IS – no point stressing about it. If something happens and there is a reaction coming from me as a result and I don’t like it, it would only mean that I have allowed myself to be attached by it. I will then need to remember to take a step back and look at the attachment again and do what I can to detach myself from it.

Many people may read my blog and get thrown from pillar to post and struggle to understand it. It is because they do not release when I am jumping from topic to topic and their minds just can’t keep up. If you are one of them peoples I would strongly recommend you to stop reading my blogs as I don’t think it is for you at this moment in time. My blog might be interesting to read for some people but very bland for others. It really does not matter as I am only expressing myself in the form of words 🙂

I say to myself… What would I do with my time if money no longer mattered to me? When I have officially retired from my 9-5 job therefore giving me back my 40 hours a week again 🙂 What would I do with my time? 🙂 As I write this I am noticing a big phat smile on my face because I feel the excitement and energy within 🙂 I will be doing the things that interest me the most like traveling to difference places of the world learning about different cultures and tasting different types of food and trying out loads of different types of activities but most i am very interested in meeting people from all walks of life as putting everything to the side I am genuinely interested in people this is something that can not be faked!! However most importantly I would like to retired my parents so they can can detached from wanting more money as in the past money was a big big thing and led to many arguments and many misunderstandings 😦

I come to realise that I am a self taught life coach and my journey begins now to give myself and others a new way to life our lives. We will have fun, freedom and fulfilment it will be double A (Awesome and Amazing) and will get us passionate and SE (super excited) about living our life our way 🙂

Watch this space… I will switch to Channel V real soon 🙂

Hope all my readers reading my blog to have a blessed day and just be 🙂 ^^






TV – Channel T – 28/11/2012

I had a dream last night based on trusting others. It was sending out a message for me to trust no one but my true self not my ego but the thing behind my ego and that is to welcome awareness “is”

It was like I was staring in my own ego movie and I am the main character I was playing the role as the victim. People that had bad intensions for me in the past resurfaced i my dream and took another stab at trying to knock me down. There was another setup – setting up for someone to steal from me again 😦 This time in my dream I confronted the thief and the strange thing was that this time I was not threatened with a weapon instead they blatantly denied it. Wearing and taking my possession and saying it belongs to them 😦 I was so distraught that I was asking everyone for help and the people around me was so blind to see what was going on. The thieves acted like they know me and saying I am making things up and the people around me just believed them 😦 WTF!! They even saw me with my rayban shades on and they still can’t defend the fact that the shades belong to me. It felt like the whole world was against me 😦

What was the purpose of my dream? I think it was observing my reality and replaying back to me in my dream in a way that I have to realise that in life you don’t trust anyone but true self 100% Sure you can believe in someone but placing 100% trust in them is a very dangerous game that a person can play.
I don’t even trust my ego 100% no matter if it’s for good or bad intensions. I come to realise that I am not my ego. I am what is observing my ego. I control my ego 😉
I come to realise that my world of form is my playground and I am having a lot of fun, freedom and fulfilment mixed with excitement. I emit the energy of love 🙂 I am genuinely interested in people. I understand that there are so many people in this world that I can’t even comprehend however I will seek out and be free for other people to seek out the genuine people of this world.

The people that realises that they have been brain washed from society the moment they began to develop their senses will play a very important part. We was all born into a world of form. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Before being able to witness the welcoming of making the conscious shift we all have to acknowledge that IT IS WHAT IT IS. If you do not realise what is the true meaning of ego and who you really are then you are not yet ready.

But remember there is more than one way to get there so please don’t take what I say as gospel go and do your own research!! Do you know what the deference is between smart and clever? What about the difference between intelligent and wise? So are you a smart person in this context or a clever person? Are you going to be Intelligent or wise in this context? Well you could be neither the choice is up to you. It is your life so live it the way you want. If things go well for you then good on you 🙂 but before you can even do anything about it you need to realise that you are the cause of your unhappiness and only you can set yourself free. Other’s can be there for you and support you (showing you the door) but only you are able to see and door and once you see the door then it is your choice whether you want to walk through that door or not. Either way whether you do or not you can not place any blame on anyone because it is your choice so please take your time and see what works for you 🙂 Patience used effectively is most definitely a virtue in my eyes 🙂

TV – Channel T – 26/11/2012

Wow what can I say about this morning. Before I go on about it I should really let you guys in on what happened to me last night.

When I lack energy I get pulled into a strong vibration so strong that it semi puts me in a coma. Last night was so similar but it wasn’t an vibration it was millions of thoughts just hitting me at once!! It was so over whelming!! But I just accepted for what it was and just had an amazing experience!!

I literally tried to listen to each and every thought but soon enough it got way too much for me as it was literally hitting me all once!! I eventually tried to react back – I can feel every bit of my efforts trying to voice out – “There is nothing here but egos manifested in the form of thoughts and I don’t care and suddenly there was a calmness and I was amazed to find I was suddenly in a dream!! Maybe a coma because I knew I was dreaming and the aim of the dream was to wake up!! I was trying to ask those around me of how to wake up. Some ignored me and some led me around in circles!! I can distinctly remember that I almost gave up hope that I was never going to wake up and almost accepted the fact that I was stuck in this dream and got no way of getting out of it!! Finally someone says to me they know the way out and I should just follow them… I just had to listen I had no other choice I felt so alone and just needed to get out!! So before they led me to the place to wake up I suddenly found myself free of boundary, free of bull and chains, free of thought, free of feeling, literally free of form and then I realised that I was about to wake myself up and shortly after I literally did wake up and I had tears of joy and freedom in my eyes!! Wow what a experience!!
I come to realise that I am a self taught life coach 🙂 No matter what happens I know I will be ok from society from the cynical world I was born into. I am demonstrating it day in day out. At the start people thought I was crazy!! I now laugh and LOL because I really don’t care. If being crazy will get me to live the way I want and be free from society chains then I think I don’t mind to be labelled that 🙂

Watch this space because amazing things will start to happen to me and those that trust and believe in me 100%

I’m going to be the best I can be for myself, my love ones and genuine people. I will become a responder to inspire others to express themselves fully and express to me what they want in their life and what is holding them back. I challenge the majority of this world to just wake up and smell the coffee beans on the table. If not wake up now then when? Why seek external happiness? That is going to be temporary happiness and it will not last past the world of form.

Everyone since the day they were born already has everything!! One day if not in your life time you will eventually come to realise – Awareness “is”

This life is a gift and “now” is the present – the present is the current moment where you can only take “action” right in the “now”. Now is not in the past but it could in the future given that you have set a date because that date will one day be “now”
When will you start to live your life living and more importantly when will you start to live your life giving? Amazing things will happen. Some have reached the stage that rebooting no longer works anymore as they are so attached to the world  of form aka ego. They will need to be formatted. Those that are able to drop their pride and genuinely step down are the ones that will make life to be whatever they want it to be. They will be the ones that has no boundary and will continue pushing things to the limit until records are broken 🙂

TV – Channel T – 16/11/2012 – A reflection on my experience in Nice – South of France

My new found Norwegians friends.

My new found Norwegians friends.

Dearest my blog followers and guest,

Wow what can I say about this week in the life of Michael Trinhtastic?? let me start by saying I had an unbelievable experience in Nice, south of France 😄

To some it up I was partying with almost 2000 ppl from 21 different countries and it was so surreal. We proper had a blast of a time and I got to know some AA ppl (Awesome and Amazing) ^^

I also learned more about myself and what was holding me back at really going all out there – all guns blazing 😄
I was just able to just “be” and the crowd there was so encouraging and proper helped me to start my journey 😄
They wasn’t polite and rude instead they were direct, blunt and kind hearted such good quality in a human.

It was such a contrast departing from Nice compared to departing from London and the whole experience from Nice to London was so warm and welcoming unlike vice-versa. From this moment onwards I will concentrate and direct my energy on the things I want and the things I want to be apart of. If things don’t go the way I want then so what? It is what it is… I will not entertain the things that didn’t go the way I want I will not give it energy… This too, shall pass. Instead I will act on the NOW and focus on the solution and focus the feeling of completeness and focus on the finer steps needed before taking massive action.

My week was all about learning new ways to welcome fun and excitement back into my life and inspiring others to do the same ☺
For the first week in god knows how long I was 100% able to be myself and everyone just allowed me to just be. I feel super super super blessed, I feel super super super excited, I feel the internal peace and love that is gathering momentum inside of me. I am both coachable and teachable.

In order to be the best I can be I need to approach things with an open mind. When others try to get to me, either down right rudeness or winding me up I am starting to learn not to react and know that they are only expressing themselves and it is not about me any longer so I will just let them be and if need be let then dig there own grave!!

I feel it’s very important to be 100% present in all you do (someone inspired me out in Nice) and also being 100% aware of your surroundings and on the things you are doing and why you are doing it. You need to keep all grounds covered and if need be you need to be the 1st some to fire your bullets haha

I was going through the ticket barrier at charing x just strolling and being present when all of a sudden a hot flustered woman went at it fast paced to the ticket barrier and got stuck. Her travel oyster card would not work and she was panicking. She was not present and didn’t seek a solution. The solution came to her but she was still annoyed to acknowledge it and I just saw the whole thing unravel itself. All she had to do was to take a step back and the world was her oyster but she didn’t!! I didn’t waste my energy observing I just strolled on past the picky barrier after bleeping in with my oyster card 😉

I feel I have inspired a lot of people this week to welcome fun back into their lives and not to be afraid of being themselves. I got abundance of excitement energy but will not take it for granted hehe I will direct that energy at the place to get me to where I want to be. It’s one step at a time but it’s going to be at my own pace. Those that know me will know what my pace is and those that don’t will need to watch this space. That’s if I haven’t bored them to sleep already!! lol

TV – Channel V -10 Nov 2012 – At Nice – South of France

This is the day that I have decided to makes my venture 7 my venture 2.
By end of 2013 I am projecting my venture 7 to become my number 1 venture.
Big things comes to those that have patience, integrity and honesty and be 100% present and aware in all they do. I have people in my life namely Johnny Wimbrey and Marc Accetta who I have learned a lot and from the information they have shared with me I made all this my own now!!
I say INCREASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A side joke…. “you should be here ” *winks*

TV – Channel T – My journey just before going to Nice – South of France 09th Nov 2012

I was blessed to meet some really cool, down to earth people last night and yes there are plenty of genuine people in this world you just need to believe you will meet them and they will meet you. Like energy attracts and converges we can I say? lol
Ok today is the morning I will leave the UK since my holiday in Cyprus 10,000 years ago!! The morning was not what I expected at all rather surprising in a bad kind of way and very adversed. I know things happen for a reason because I made it so what blessing in disguise is this? To be even more aware in absolutely everything? Only time will tell I will just live that experience!!

Ok at East Croydon station I got the train to Gatwick airport. I touched into East Croydon with my Oyster card (previous night topped up £6 on top of a weekly oyster card zone 1-4) I got to gatwick and tried touching out with my oyster card but the light remained red – seek assistance. The person manning the barrier looked sad and just didn’t care or show any empathy probably because she knows what is going to happen next. I explained my situation to the ticket inspector and as I didn’t have an valid ticket I got charged a fine of £20 WTF!! IT IS WHAT IT IS and I will probably get charged a fee for my oyster because I still haven’t been able to touch out!! London transport you are so *bleeping* confusing!! Looks like I will need to appeal this when I get back to London from Nice!! Where is the justice? I can understand when someone is trying it… But someone going through wearing a suit and trying it? Get *bleeping* real!!
Again IT IS WHAT IT IS I suppose and I do shed some blame but not to warrant £20. They bloody think I am made of money or something!! Day light robbery I tell ya!!

Ok next went to departures section to go through the barrier and for them to check my hand luggage. Lonnnnnng ting queues was long and there was not a happy face from the staff it was just pathetic customer service and will question if I ever travel from gatwick south terminal again!! even at departure gate was issues too but just cba to say no more to the experience so all in all it’s one to move on from. I forgive but will never forget so watch this space!!
Ok on the plane now ready to take off!! Time is now 07:36 should had taken off 16 minutes ago!! Excuse/reason the airline company needs to check paper work!! I bet you someone had not boarded and they are just waiting for them; I’m not even surprised anymore as now I am expecting the unexpected!!

Everyone is on a journey;  there will be times when we cross paths at a destination and it will be all about how I handle the situation. 2 weeks ago I would had been f-ing this and f-ing that and cause major scenes and dramas but not anymore I have really found inner peace I honestly believe that honesty and integrity is working for me and I am able to accept reality – IT IS WHAT IT IS a lot sooner than ever before.
Ending my blog on a positive note… I will expect the unexpected and yeh things can only get better 😃  Let’s see what Nice has in store for me. I feel Nice is going to be like a world apart from London!! Bring on Nice 😃